The Current State of Police-Community Relations: Problems & Prospects

Leadership & Public Policy
LPPS 3310
Course Section: 
Fall 2019

The current state of police-community relations in the United States is in a precarious condition. Recent incidents of negative police-citizen encounters have resulted in the deaths of community members and sworn peace officers, affected public trust and confidence in local law enforcement, and impacted the morale of police professionals. These realities can impact police performance and productivity and resultingly, are counterproductive to existing efforts to utilize members of the public in the co-creation of police policies and practices and the co-production of public safety and public order. This seminar will highlight issues of power and privilege, as it examines the past to better understand present problems that impact the current state of police-community relations. Its intent is to formulate and deliberate competing prospects for policy solutions to address and/or mitigate problems that affect the needed partnership between the public and the police.

The Rotunda, room 150

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am - 12:15pm