Police Practices & Collaboration

Leadership & Public Policy
LPPP 5540
Course Section: 
Fall 2019

This course is an applied policy clinic. It takes an integrative or collaborative approach to the formulation of public policy to identify and address a problem that adversely impacts a local police department’s relationship with the community that it serves. Students will facilitate dialogues with police officers and residents to (1) name or identify a problem, (2) frame policy options to solve that problem, and (3) decide which policy option to select. This integrative method utilizes an asset-based approach to community, and leverages the action research model to involve members of the public with the police in a diagnostic, active-learning, problem-finding and problem-solving process. These experiences will allow students to learn about issues of power and privilege, to deconstruct stereotypes, to reveal and address implicit bias in working with members from the community, and to identify and engage public servants and community partners in formulating a policy that addresses a shared problem. In essence, students will be exposed to the challenges and benefits of action research efforts related to the co-creation of police policies and practices.