So You Want to Change the World: Foundations of Community Engagement

Youth and Social Innovation (Curry)
EDHS 1120
Fall 2019

How can we be part of creating a more just world? In this course, we’ll aim to answer that question for ourselves by examining practices of youth and community engagement through a critical and discerning lens. Studying our local Charlottesville community will help us to learn about more general principles of community engagement. With a focus on empathy, we’ll reflect on our own practice engaging with youth and their communities and examine our roles in those relationships and interactions. We’ll learn more about ourselves by coming to understand more about others: class peers, members of the Charlottesville-Albemarle community, and those we read about. We’ll explore the complexities and importance of culture in community work and consider our own cultural influences. We’ll also endeavor to talk about race and other challenging topics thoughtfully and with care. In addition, we’ll learn about some of the work of others who have sought to change the world. 

Tuesday/ Thursday 11am - 12:15pm

Ruffner 179