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Burnley-Moran Elementary School

Burnley-Moran Elementary School is a UVA community partner. Several UVA based programs work with the school.

Charlottesville Free Clinic

The Charlottesville Free Clinic is a UVA Community Partner. It is a nonprofit that provides a health support system that offers high-quality and compassionate care to the low-income underserved in the community. 

Early Visions

UVA students and children from the Boys and Girls Club are paired in mentoring relationships and encouraged to explore the Fralin Museum's exhibitions.

EcoVillage Playground

The Ecovillage Project, implemented by a team within the Engineer’s Going Global CIO, is aimed at adding to a sustainability themed playground at the Charlottesville Ecovillage. The Ecovillage’s objective is to create a sustainable, diverse community with net-zero energy and zero non-recyclable waste. Over the years they havesuccessfully designed and constructed two playground structures at the Ecovillage and plan to continue to improve our farmer’s truck and pirate ship structures.

Eyes on Art

 Eyes on Art is an innovative program designed in partnership with the Arts Fusion Program of the Central and Western Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, to engage people with Alzheimer's in meaningful discussions about art. Specially trained docents lead participants and their caregivers on small group tours when the Museum is closed to the public.

Greenbrier Global Artists

Greenbrier Global Artists is an after-school program at Greenbrier Elementary School for children who have immigrated to the United States from around the globe. 

Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry

Loaves & Fishes is a community partner organization. It provides groceries at no cost to low-income families within and around the Charlottesville community.

Piedmont Housing Alliance

A community partner of UVA. The mission of Piedmont Housing Alliance is to create housing opportunities and build community through education, lending and development.

WALK Program

The Walk Program is a UVA Community Partner. The Charlottesville City School District’s WALK Program was founded in 2008 with a simple goal: to help struggling high school students earn credits needed for graduation.

Young Women Leaders Program

The Young Women Leaders Program, founded in 1997 at the University of Virginia, is a psychoeducational mentoring program that empowers middle school girls to be leaders by combining one-on-one mentoring with targeted group activities for a year to address issues related to girls’ sense of self, scholastic achievement, body image, social aggression, and healthy decision-making. The program encourages the development of competence, connection and autonomy among participants, has served over 1000 middle school girls and trained over 1000 college women mentors since its inception. YWLP includes girls from a diversity of socio-economic, racial, and academic backgrounds. Over the past ten years, effective dissemination of the YWLP curriculum has led to new programs at nine additional colleges and universities across the US and in Mozambique.