Charlottesville Village of Veterans (C-ViVe)

Of the 2.7 million veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars alone, around 20% of them suffer from PTSD, often leading to an inability to adjust to a civilian lifestyle that can have devastating effects on their personal and family lives. The Charlottesville Village of Veterans (C-ViVe) project is working to try and reduce these issues among the veteran population. C-ViVe will be a living community that is owned, operated, and lived in by members of the veteran community and their families. This complex will be located in the Charlottesville area and be set up specifically to meet the needs of its residents. Preliminary designs call for a three story building with apartment style housing and the inclusion of multipurpose spaces that will be used for gatherings, classes, medical and dental treatments, and even a barber shop. The project is lead by a multidisciplinary UVA project team from the engineering and architecture schools, along with partnerships with UVA faculty and the American Legion Post 74 in Keswick. Currently in the research and information gathering phase to better design the community for the residents, the goal is to begin construction of the community by the year 2022.